We provide the New Nordic School Educational System to new and existing schools around the world. In addition, we provide school improvement services, professional development, and online courses for teachers and school leadership.

Are you ready to shape your school’s future?

New Nordic School Educational System

A fully integrated pre-k to grade 12 system that empowers students to shape their own future through the Nordic Baccalaureate curriculum, global pedagogy, and Smart Learning Platform. This system can be implemented in new and existing schools around the world through a licensed or managed school model.

School Improvement

Tailored solutions that cover all areas of school improvement and are built around our education philosophy, system, and core values, to support each school with self-review, collaboration, innovation, and strategic development planning. We help each school transform their teaching and learning, whether it’s happening online, offline, or in a hybrid environment.

Professional Development

Research-inspired leadership and teacher training programs and online courses, created by education experts in Finland. We prepare schools for the future by providing them with the tools to implement change, from redefining professional identity to increasing pedagogical competence and developing the working life skills of all professionals.

 We at New Nordic School understand that exporting Finland’s education system on its own is not impactful nor scalable

Our pre-K to grade 12 New Nordic School Educational System has the renowned Finnish curriculum at its core, enhanced with global best practices. Our system is fully localized for the local region by incorporating important factors such as culture, language, regulations, and history into our curriculum and pedagogies. Read more about our educational system.


Join our online courses for teachers and school leadership

Join New Nordic School’s online courses that have been created by Finland’s educators in collaboration with international education professionals.

Each learner receives a certificate of completion from Finland.

What others say

“Collaborating with New Nordic School allows us to challenge the current system and demonstrate that learning can happen beyond textbooks and classrooms. What I particularly like about New Nordic School is the student-centric approach while also educating school leadership, teachers and parents about the new methods of learning."

Owner of NNS partner school, Gurgaon

“It was exciting to discover that we share our philosophy and values wholeheartedly with the New Nordic School. I believe that our school’s passion for futuristic education and keen awareness of the educational needs of Indian parents, coupled with cutting-edge global curriculum and methodology from New Nordic School, is the right path for our future generations to succeed.”

Owner of NNS partner school, Pune

“It was wonderful working with New Nordic School. We got really good ideas and the best thing that I liked about this workshop was the rubric system, that was wonderful!”

Headmistress at Indraprastha International School


New Nordic School By The Sea

Our flagship kindergarten in Helsinki, Finland.