School Quality Review

Get a holistic view of practices within your school through our collaborative review

What is a School Quality Review?

Our School Quality Review evaluates your school’s current quality, strengths, and areas of development after which recommendations for improvements are provided - based on Finnish and international best practices. Focus areas include:

  • Leadership and management

  • Student achievement and development

  • School culture, teaching & assessment

  • Curriculum relevance

  • Support for learning, growth, and wellbeing

  • Learning environment

Who is it for?

Existing schools worldwide looking to better understand and improve their school’s practices.

What does my school get?

  1. An evaluation report that provides a detailed overview of the school’s areas of strength and development.

  2. A proposed school improvement schedule in the areas of leadership, learning, teacher development, and well-being - all based on Finnish and best international practices.


Understand your school’s strengths and development areas better

Through our collaborative review, your school will get a holistic view of its practices. Our final evaluation report will guide your school in the next steps of long-term improvement.

Why choose our school quality review?

Collaboratively identifying potential gap areas

in the school through observations, interviews, questionnaires, and discussions.

Evaluation report

of the findings that is reviewed collaboratively with school leadership.

Improved communication and awareness

of areas of strength and development of the school.

Collaborative process

that empowers leaders and teachers to drive forward the needed change through Finnish and international best practices. Resulting in long-term improvements and relationship with New Nordic Schools.

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