Using AI to Support the Teacher

More than 25 years ago, I left my career as a hematologist to enter the exciting world of education. In those 25 years, much of the way we communicate and learn has changed due to the vast amounts of information available at our fingertips. But we have also realized that people need more than just knowledge to function in the society of the future.

Interestingly, many of our schools and methods are still far behind in comparison to the amount of information that is so easily obtained. Our education is designed like a stagecoach and we have connected a jet engine to it. We need to bridge that divide so both can work effectively. Therefore, we need to create the right learning environments and use the right technologies to personalize learning fully. We find our education systems unable to cope, let alone make the most of the opportunity these resources give to our students.

There has been much talk of how technology, and particularly AI technology, can help students learn better.

Often the focus is on creating programs and systems that teach students. Yet, these AI-led programs often lack the empathy, humanity, and collaboration opportunities students desire when learning.

But where are the humanity, collaboration, and empathy? Can machines do a better job?

I believe that if we take a step back, we will find that the real progress in the use of AI for teaching will help teachers become the main activators of learning and the human connection that facilitates optimized and personalized education.

Written by New Nordic School’s Chief Education Officer, Stephen Cox.


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