Sri Aurobindo Group Brings Finnish Education to Indore with New Nordic School

June 16th, 2021

New Nordic School, based in Espoo, Finland, has partnered with Sri Aurobindo Group, based in Indore, India, to bring world-renowned Finnish education to Indore. Nordic High International School (NHIS), opened its doors this week to bring future-ready education to Indore with the first K-12 Finnish school in Central India. Kinshuk Trivedi, Vice President of Sri Aurobindo Group shares,

“Providing quality education is not a short-term goal, it is continuous and ever evolving. As we at Sri Aurobindo Group continue to provide excellent higher education in Indore, we also did a detailed need gap analysis for the requirement of K-12 school education. We realized that the world’s best education system still hasn’t reached the schools in Central India. Finland’s education is on the same lines as the New Education Policy of India which makes us ready for the future. We are extremely happy and confident to offer the best and purposeful education in Indore as we partner with New Nordic School.”

NHIS applies the renowned Finnish curriculum, aligned to CBSE, and integrated with best pedagogical practices from around the world, to provide personalized, purposeful, and locally relevant education. The school’s vision is to become a distinguished learning institution which will empower learners to build a sustainable future together. Through the New Nordic School Educational System, NHIS students are prepared for a competitive world with the necessary skills and mindset and are compassionate towards the world around them through our interdisciplinary lessons built around UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Chani Trivedi, Director of NHIS, says:

“It was extremely comforting to realize that our vision, philosophy and values were very similar with New Nordic School’s. We realized that the positive difference that we intend to create in the school education system, New Nordic School will help us make it happen. They have an excellent team who is always there to support and guide. We are very glad to have them as our partners.”

The need for personalized education in India

Each child is different, NHIS unleashes the potential in every student by empowering them to learn and develop in a way that is best for them. The school’s curriculum, teacher training, excellent student-teacher ratio and technology enable teachers to provide personalized education for each student. Chani Trivedi adds,

“It is high time that we move beyond the mechanical way of teaching and every child is considered unique and is given opportunities to explore according to his capabilities, interests and imaginations. Our school is built upon the belief to provide the best education to children, where each child will be empowered, creative and compassionate. We want to create an ecosystem where every child is allowed to make mistakes and positively learn from them.”

NHIS also ensures that students imbibe Indian culture and values and remain close to their roots for life, but at the same time, prepares them for a modern world which provides opportunities across the globe.

Next steps for New Nordic School in India

In addition to New Nordic School’s existing partner school locations in Mumbai, Indore and Pune, more schools will be opening later this year and in 2022 in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Gurgaon. Ashish Srivastava, Director of Business Development and Sales at New Nordic School, says:

“With India as one of our key focus regions, we notice that there is access to international and high-quality education in bigger cities however, we also believe that the quality of education in smaller cities is a true benchmark of country’s progress. We are proud to partner with Sri Aurobindo group to bring the best of Finnish education system to Madhya Pradesh and empower local school leadership, teachers, and most importantly students to shape their own future. This is a step forward in transforming education in India.”


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