Serbia’s Savremena Primary School Partners with New Nordic School

Savremena Primary School, situated in Belgrade, Serbia, has partnered with Finland’s New Nordic School to bring Finnish education to the school through professional development, Finland-based curriculum, and interdisciplinary methods of learning. Through this partnership, Savremena Primary School’s students and teachers will experience a blend of the best elements of local, Finnish, and international education. The ultimate goal is for students to become future-ready, happy, and fulfilled young people who possess the knowledge and skills needed in the modern world. Dr. Svetlana Belic Malinic, Academic Director at LINK Educational Alliance, says,

“LINK Educational Alliance is at the forefront of innovations in education. We are delighted to share this revolutionary learning and teaching experience with the best educationalists from Finland and help our students at Savremena Primary School embrace the future with zest and enthusiasm.”

The partnership was kicked-off last month with a gap analysis of the school to determine where the school is in relation to desired outcomes. This has been followed with teacher training that upskills local teachers and provides them with the skills to deliver interdisciplinary, purposeful learning. Savremena Primary School’s fourth-grade teacher, Danijela Kleut, shared her impressions from the teacher training,

“The Finnish model of education blends so well with the Serbian National Curriculum. We are all looking forward to integrating student-centred pedagogy, mindfulness and questing into our classroom practice.”

Through the combination of the Finnish model of education and other international teaching practices, teachers will be equipped to empower students for an unknown future by teaching them to be curious, resourceful, and courageous in acquiring new knowledge. Each students’ personal interests and preferred ways of learning will be identified to help them develop the knowledge and skills valued by modern employers. Academic development, as well as physical and mental health, will be key to developing empathy, persistence, and confidence. Dr. Belic Malinic adds,

“Our partnership with Finland’s New Nordic School will decidedly make a positive impact on the educational landscape in Serbia. We are reinventing Finnish pedagogy in a local context, by bringing together the best of the two worlds. I am confident that the growth mindset will sink into the school ethos and help students, parents and teachers unlearn and relearn from this wonderful experience”.


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