New Nordic Schools Partners with Winsford Global Education to Open Finnish School in Brazil

Finland’s New Nordic Schools has partnered with Winsford Global Education to bring international education to students aged 2-10 in Goiânia, Brazil. The school, named Winsford Global School, will offer local students an education that is an infusion of Finland’s renowned education system, Brazil’s National Curriculum, as well as the National Curriculum of England.

The state-of-the-art school, set to open in August this year, is currently being built in the Setor Marista neighborhood of central Goiânia. The New Nordic Schools’ team in Finland is delivering professional development for the school’s leadership, while future teachers are being recruited. The vision of the school is to empower learners to build a sustainable future together and make an impact on their future, community, and wider world. Luciana Pinheiro, Head of School at Winsford Global School states;

“We are proud to have partnered with New Nordic Schools and are excited to bring to Brazil an exclusive and differentiated approach to our educational system. We saw a gap in the system and are working hard to fill it up with the finest. A very well-designed dual-language curriculum that brings the best of the UK Curriculum, aligned to our own National Curriculum, and infused with Finland's best practices in education. Being a part of building Winsford Global School has been a privilege. We believe that today's schools can be vastly improved for the modern world and we are happily doing our share.”

Winsford Global School’s learning environment supports their pedagogical vision of international education that provides personalized learning paths for each child, purposeful lessons that relate subject knowledge to real life, and the development of soft skills for life. This approach based on Finnish and international best practices will prepare Brazilian children with the skills and mindset needed for an unknown future. In addition, students will feel empowered to follow the path best suited to their interests, passions, and skills. Stephen Cox, Chief Education Officer at New Nordic Schools, shares;

“We are excited to have partnered with Winsford Global Education to bring a first of its kind UK curriculum school infused with New Nordic Schools’ best practices from Finland’s educational system. This unique school with dual language and curriculum will set a new benchmark for schools in Brazil with a focus on purposeful learning and skills which will enable students to shape their own future. We hope that our partnership, based around the same vision and values, will be the start of a journey together to transform K-12 education in Brazil for many years to come.”


For more information:

Stephen Cox
Chief Education Officer, New Nordic Schools
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Daniela Brandão
Director of Admissions and Communication, Winsford Global Education
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