Revathi Srinivasan and Finland’s New Nordic School empower Indian school leaders to transform their schools for the future

With ongoing and future changes in education, leaders are challenged to adapt, change and lead a reformed organizational culture, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Leading a diverse group of specialists in the digital era as we move towards hybrid learning requires a leader to embrace challenges and be open to learning. Rethinking education, redesigning the ways educational organizations work and taking care of everyone’s wellbeing, is a challenge. It is important for school leadership to remember that transformation begins with the organizational culture that they lead by example.

Revathi Srinivasan, Director of Singhania Group of Schools, has teamed up with Finland’s New Nordic School to create an online course that equips school leaders across India with the skills and mindset needed to transform their schools for NEP 2020 and the future of education. Revathi Srinivasan says,

“We created this leadership course that touches upon every aspect of leadership, from the point where a leader sees education to the vision a leader should have. In the wake of NEP 2020, whatever may have been the vision is fine, but we are redesigning education in India for the next few decades, so how does a leader prepare oneself and their teams, how do you redesign the curriculum and most importantly how do you manage a cultural change?”

Questions that school leaders are asking themselves these days are, how do I build, manage, and cultivate high performing teams at my school? In the context of NEP 2020, how do I prepare my school for change? How do I become a bold and inspirational leader that guides teachers towards educational transformation? The online course, Leading a Future-ready School, answers these questions and provides leaders with practical takeaways to empower them to take the next steps in their schools.

After the course, school leaders will be knowledgeable of how to: build a new school culture that is flexible to external changes, decode NEP 2020, understand the implementation stages, and cultivate high performing teams. Suzanne Perkowsky, Co-founder and Head of Education at New Nordic School, shares,

“I’d want to take this course as it melds different global perspectives of educational leadership backed by years of experience and research in educational leadership. The opportunity to access this diversity and richness of experience in one forum, in your own time and in the comfort of your own space, must not be missed.”

NEP 2020 brings with it drastic education reform that may seem intimidating and complicated to schools across the country. School leadership has a pivotal role in driving a growth mindset amongst the school community and guiding their teams towards educational transformation. When implemented piece by piece, each school will drive the needed change forwards and eventually make India an education leader, globally. In these times of change, sharing expertise, collaborating, and working together in an online setting will result in new solutions that take schools to the next level. Revathi Srinivasan adds,

“Those who start earlier and stronger, see new opportunities and overcome challenges faster and build better outcomes.”



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